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Wine List
White Wine
Why is "white" wine, not white at all, but yellow, golden or straw-like in colour? Its colour can be derived from an assortment of grape varieties. White wines are made from the grape juice and grape skin of green, gold or yellowish colored grapes or from just the juice (not the skin) of select red grapes (as in some Champagnes).
  75cl  San Abello Sauvignon Blanc   £17.95
This dry and crisp wine has fresh tropical fruit aromas and fl avours

of gooseberry and lime with grassy, herbaceous notes. (Chile)

Grade 1

  75cl  Statua Pinot Grigio Sicilai   £17.95

This Sicilian Pinot Grigio is dry, ripe and full of sunshine. (Italy)

Grade 2

  75cl  Chardonnay   £18.25

A well made unoaked Chardonnay, rounded with a refreshing finish. (Chile)

Grade 2

Red Wine
  It is the grape skins that are responsible for the red wine’s distinct color spectrum. The skins are in contact with the grape’s juice during the fermentation process, allowing the dispersion of both color and tannins. The individual wine’s particular red hue depends on the grape type used in the process and the length of time the skin’s pigmentation is in contact with juice.
  75cl  Alto Bajo Merlot   £17.95
Smoky with sweet spices, coff ee and chocolate with
a lovely soft and smooth texture. (Chile)
Grade B


  75cl  Nyala Cabernet Sauvignon   £17.95
Blackberry and blackcurrant fl avours with a touch
of sweet spice on the nose with a juicy core. (South Africa)
Grade C


  75cl  The Old Press Shiraz   £18.25

A deep, fruity red wine with lots of plum and red berry fruit fl avours. (Australia)

Grade C

Traditionally, the skins of a red grape are allowed to have brief contact with the grape juice. The shorter the contact time with the skins, the lighter the wine's color will be. Extended time with juice and skins yields some amazing, eye catching color variations from vibrant orangey-pink to nothing less than a vivid hot pink. Sparkling Rosés are traditionally made with a blend of red and white grapes
  75cl  Rose Zinfandel   £17.95

Packed with soft refreshing fruit fl avours. (USA)

Grade 2

Sparkling & Champagne
The bubbles of sparkling wines are formed during a second fermentation process. For the second fermentation the winemaker takes still wine and adds a few grams of sugar and a few grams of yeast. This yeast and sugar convert to carbon dioxide (bubbles) and, of course alcohol. This conversion makes for millions of bubbles trapped in a very small space, sending the pressure soaring to about 80 psi in the typical bottle of sparkling wine.
  75cl  Prosecco Santi Nello   £23.95
A lovely Prosecco, soft juicy fruit with a fresh lime twist. (Italy)

Grade 2

  75cl  Moet et Chandon   £41.95

A classic, rounded with an elegant crisp finish. (France)

Grade 2

  20cl  Prosecco   £7.25
  Great Prosecco taste in a mini bottle. (Italy)
Grade 2
Wines by the Glass
  Many people new to wine tasting don't realize that the shape and size of the wine glass affects how the wine tastes. For the best wine drinking experience, and for full appreciation of the vintage, choose the correct type of wine glass for the wine. It doesn't need to be a fussy process, nor an expensive one. Just remember the basic principle is that the type of glass chosen depends on the characteristics of the wine. There are four basic types of glasses. Chablis, Bordeaux, Burgundy or Balloon Tulip or Flute. They go by different names, but these are the most common.
  175ml  Whites   £4.35

Glera/Pinot Grigio
Sauvignon Blanc

  250ml  Whites   £6.10

Glera/Pinot Grigio
Sauvignon Blanc

  175ml  Reds   £4.35

Cabernet sauvignon

  250ml  Reds   £6.10

Cabernet sauvignon

  175ml  Rose   £4.35

Rose Zinfandel

  250ml  Rose   £6.10

Rose Zinfandel